About SkylineStock

SkylineStock, the leading source for city images, is a Manhattan-based boutique stock photography agency offering a comprehensive archive of high-quality urban landscapes, skyline views, key landmarks, building exteriors and neighborhood images for editorial and commercial use. SkylineStock’s imagery serves creative, real estate, media and business customers throughout the US and globally.

The agency will be adding content from established photographers in major cities in the United States and abroad on an ongoing basis. SkylineStock’s photographers are available for assignments anywhere in the world.

Meet the Founders of SkylineStock



Mike Tauber is a Manhattan-based photographer specializing in architecture, interiors and travel imagery. His first foray into photography began in college while studying in Tanzania and another year crisscrossing Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. The experience made an indelible impact on him. During this time abroad, he came to believe that photography was not just a way to capture and chronicle what he was seeing, but that the camera itself was a ticket into places, spaces, experiences and the lives of others. The camera enabled him to explore and share the places and events he and the viewer would not otherwise have access to, whether it was photographing a remote corner of the world or a multi-million-dollar apartment in Manhattan. His images on SkylineStock are a manifestation of that access.

Mike’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, on NBC’s Today Show, NPR’s Weekend Edition, CNBC, and in various other magazines, blogs and newspapers. He has won an International Photography Award and been recognized in the Photo District News Photo Annual. His most recent book, Vista Manhattan: Views from New York City’s Finest Residences (2016)is a collection of images made over the last twelve years shooting in thousands of properties in New York City. The work from the book is available on SkylineStock.

Mike is also the photographer and co-author of the award-winning book Blended Nation: Portraits and Interviews of Mixed-Race America (2009), which explores the concept of race in America through the prism of the personal experiences of people of mixed-race heritage.

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Pamela Singh-Tauber is a seasoned growth strategy consultant and international business coach based in New York City. She brings a global and omni-cultural mindset to her work due to her international background.  She enjoyed a well-behaved childhood in a picturesque, tropical setting in southern Trinidad before moving to the United States at seventeen to attend college and subsequently travelling the world on a shoestring. She has lived in several countries – including Russia for well over a year - before choosing to settle down in Manhattan, where she attended graduate school at Columbia University, built her career from the ground up and started a family.

A former management consultant, Pamela has over 20 years of experience in all areas of growth strategy consulting roles, and has held in-house executive/managing director, VP & director level positions in NYC as well as across the US and globally. As a coach, her well-rounded and diverse background often allows her to have a 360-degree view on client issues from an individual & business perspective. She trained at and was certified from the Leadership That Works "Coaching for Transformation” program, the Tony Robbins coaching program and the Bregman Leadership Coaching Program.

Pamela is co-author of the book Blended Nation: Portraits and Interviews of Mixed-Race America (2009) and has appeared on several media outlets discussing both the book and her personal experience as part of the mixed-race demographic group.